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Fire Extinguishers

You likely have two reasons for disposing of a fire extinguisher, it is either too old or the contents have been discharged. Disposal options depend on whether or not the extinguisher is empty.

If it’s not empty
1. Check the Pressure Gauge: Your extinguisher should have a gauge saying whether it is overcharged, if it’s at the correct pressure or in need of a recharge. This is your first clue as to whether the unit is operating correctly.

2. Call Your Fire Department: You might be able to exchange your extinguisher or get it recharged.

3. Take it to a HazMobile event: Extinguishers with contents remaining are considered hazardous.

If it’s empty:
1. Squeeze the Lever Above the Handle: This will ensure that all contents are discharged.

2. Remove the Head: This will let whoever disposes of the extinguisher know that all contents have been removed. If you cannot remove the head, contact Lake County Gas in Lower Lake at 995-2840.

3. Recycle the Steel Body: Once the head is removed, you can drop it off at Lake County Waste Solutions or South Lake Refuse & Recycling. In both cases, make sure to follow any instructions on the fire extinguisher. Once your old extinguisher is disposed, make sure you replace it with a new fire extinguisher immediately.

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