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Lake County Integrated Waste Management
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Cooking Oil

Drop-Off Used Cooking Oil for Recycling - A no-cost option for recycling used cooking oil is now available to all Lake County residents and businesses. Yokayo Biofuels, a production and distribution company in Ukiah, takes a waste product – used cooking oil – and produces “biodiesel” – a fuel that can be used in any motor that operates on diesel for fuel.

Cooking oils and grease should not be poured down drains as they build-up on the inside of pipes and is a major contributor to clogged sink drains, sewer lines, and septic systems, which may require costly repairs.

While cooking oil can be disposed of in the trash, it is a valuable commodity and can be recycled into fuel. Oils that can be accepted include olive, soybean, canola, etc. – any vegetable cooking oil that is liquid at room temperature. Bacon grease cannot be accepted. Free to residents and businesses.

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