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Surcharges will be added to the customer's disposal fees if applicable:

Surcharge on Unsecured Loads

40% of litter comes from uncovered pickup trucks and trailers.To help keep Lake County roads safe and beautiful, all loads must be tarped or otherwise secured.

A surcharge for unsecured loads will be added to gate fees as follows:

  • $10 for pickup trucks and passenger vehicles with trailers.
  • $100 for commercial vehicles.

Non-Recycling Surcharge

A surcharge on loads containing 25% or more recyclables is in place to help keep recyclables out of the landfill and extend the life of the facility.

Gate fees may be doubled on loads containing 25% or more of recyclable materials with a $15 minimum charge.

Privately owned recycling centers are conveniently located so customers can unload recyclable materials before approaching the gatehouse:

  • South Lake Refuse and Recycling - Recycle Center Dropoff, 16015 Davis Street, Clearlake, (at the entrance to the Eastlake Landfill)
  • Lake County Waste Solution - Transfer Station and Recycling Center, 230 Soda Bay Road, Lakeport

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